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Languages: Typescript, Javascript, Python, Ruby, SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS

Libraries & Frameworks:

ReactJS, Mithril, NodeJS, Express.
Ruby on Rails, Web2Py, Flask.
Styled-Components, Material UI, Framer-Motion, PostCSS, CK Editor, Bootstrap, SASS, jQuery.

Databases: PostgreSQL, MariaDB/MySQL, Sqlite.

Testing: Postman, Cypress, Jest, Mocha + Chai, Rspec

Tools: Git, Github, VS Code, Bash, Makefile, Browserify, Webpack, Eleventy.

Hosting/Cloud Netlify, Heroku, Amazon S3.

Design Tools: Storybook, Figma, Photoshop, InDesign, Image Magick.

Work Experience

Full Stack Web Development Intern - Waldman Co. | Oct. 2020 - Present

    Strong Project

  • React/Mithril, PHP, MySQL, S3.
  • Optimized performance for web and mobile.
  • Improved Page Speed score by 30-40% on both
  • Oclare

  • Mithril, CKEditor, Web2Py, MySQL, Latex
  • Integrate R editor, CKEdit/Latex sync (ordered lists), Bug Fixes

HR & Recruiting - Sliq Media Technologies | Dec. 2017 - March 2020

  • Coordinated recruiting - Interviewed and successfully filled 6 positions in under 1 year for a wide range of roles including Support Manager, Sales Engineer, System Integrator
  • Managed remote contractors, coordinated small projects (documentation, contract review),and worked with CEO to implement organizational systems

Studio Manager - Zoƫ Pawlak | Dec. 2014 - July 2017

  • Managed a team of 3 part-time staff, finances, client relationships, and sales
  • Designed client proposals, catalogues and promo for print and online distribution
  • Produced exhibitions at international design fairs (ICFF, IDSWest) and private galleries


Lighthouse Labs - Diploma | June 2020

Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

Concordia University - Bachelor of Fine Arts | May 2014

Graduate with Distinction in Studio Arts - Painting and Drawing

Extra-Vocational Projects

articule - Artist run center in Mile End | Sept 2019 - Present

Board of Directors, President (formerly Treasurer)